Self care is the soul of Ritual Sagrada. 

Whether you call it good habits, a healthy daily routine, or a sacred ritual of self love; I want to help you build your foundation of self-care. Using breath work, facial reflexology, wholistic skin care, movement, and meditation; your journey to luminous skin begins by cultivating an awareness and appreciation of your inner self.

Your skin is a mirror to what is going on inside your body, and your body reflects your environment. My practice at Ritual Sagrada draws on my diverse experience in body work. As a licensed esthetician, I approach your skin wholistically; using organic, whole plant products, and eschewing harsh peels or treatments. As a yoga teacher, we will work to deepen your breath to energize your body from within. Finally, as an environmentalist, I ensure that what you put on your skin will not harm you or the planet. In short, my practice encourages you to find harmony within yourself and the world around you.

Together, we can work toward building a greater sense of self-awareness that will nurture a healthy glow from within.

W H O L I S T I C   S K I N C A R E
F A C I A L   G U A   S H A 

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